Main address

Philips van Leydenlaan 25, 6525 EX Nijmegen


tel +31(0)24 - 3618824.


The clinic of the orthodontic department is located in the Dentistry building of RadboudUMC Nijmegen. Besides the clinic, the administrative offices are located elsewhere  due to rebuilding of Dentistry till 2017. Contact us for the most recent address information when you have an appointment.

  • Busses depart every 10 minutes from Centraal Station to RadboudUMC. 
  • From Station Heyendaal a walk of 15 minutes will bring you to the Dentistry building
  • By car you can follow the signs 'Universiteit' and 'RadboudUMC'. 'Tandheelkunde' will be on the signs ones you are near RadboudUMC.


  • P west: near 'Tandheelkunde'.
  • Parking-garage: near the main entrance of RadboudUMC (5 to 10 minutes walk to dentistry).

Parking costs €8,- per day, and can be paid with coins oo with debit/pin card.

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