One-year program in orthodontics

At the moment it is possible to apply for a program in 2022. 

The one-year program usually is part of an orthodontic education program abroad. The program is tailored to the needs and requirements of the foreign program and resident. Start of the one-year program is always discussed ones a candidate is really interested. The resident attends theoretical seminars on various topics, journal clubs, treatment planning sessions, and participates in other activities as agreed upon.

Patient treatment takes place under supervision and a rotation is done in the cleft palate craniofacial unit. To be able to treat patients knowledge of the Dutch language is needed.

Applicants should have graduated as a dentist (DDS or DMD) from a recognized institution and must be eligible for permanent license for general dental practice in the Netherlands. Before you can start with this postgraduate program in Orthodontics, you have to be registered as a dentist in the Netherlands (BIG registration).


For more information and costs for this program, please complete the contact form through the 'contact' button.